Make the most of your manufacturing

You need the best, we've got the best.

Cooper Tire

RFW has gained a reputation for success in multiple industries through our decades of experience. There is truly no substitute for the specialized knowledge and attention to detail that comes with having completed many projects, especially highly sensitive ones like manufacturing.


Our process

Let's take your manufacturing project to the next level.

With a range of new construction, renovations and demo & rebuild projects nationwide, Manufacturing covers a lot. So do we. We start by assessing the impact of changes in operating strategy or mergers/acquisitions on your company’s success, or when you need to expand plant capacity or lower costs-and finding ways for substantial changes without any effect on how you run your business now.

Your experience with us will be all about getting the job done while keeping everything running smoothly – not just up to but above expectations so that it’s “not simply about getting the job done”. Our work is always backed by our pledge: as long as we’re losing sleep and not you; at least one of us can rest easy knowing it was worth it!

stage 1

✓ initial planning
✓ feasibility
✓ scoping

stage 2

✓ design
✓ purchase
✓ schedule

stage 3

✓ Construction
✓ Setup
✓ Commissioning