A fast pace industry needs fast pace partners

When the industry is running at full speed, you need to have a partner that can keep up with continuous improvement and innovation. At RFW we do our best thinking at high speeds working in collaborative teams and tapping into virtual design technology that turns ideas into reality faster than ever before.


Our process

Getting you to the finish line faster

Our experience in the automotive industry has helped us establish a reputation for success. We specialize in sensitive jobs like auto construction because we have so much experience with them.

Bottom-line: Our breadth of expertise means that nothing is missed upfront, and this allows us to deliver your project flawlessly without change orders or errors caused by mistakes upfront – this is how we do business here at RFW! Trustworthy service based upon honesty are fundamental elements that have allowed our company’s success over time; this principle sums it all up… “Simply do what you say you’re going to do.”

stage 1

✓ initial planning
✓ feasibility
✓ scoping

stage 2

✓ design
✓ purchase
✓ schedule

stage 3

✓ Construction
✓ Setup
✓ Commissioning